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All Hot Rod fuel hose PTFE Hose and Fittings



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AN PTFE high performance hose

  • AN8 nylon braided hose(40, 30 and 20 feet)
    • black
    • black with blue checks

AN PTFE reusable PTFE hose end fittings

  • All AN8 reusable straight, 45, 90, 120, 180 degree hose end fittings
    • BLACK
  • ALL AN8 reusable 90 degree
    • black
    • black/red
    • black/blue
    • black/yellow
    • black/purple
    • black/green
    • black/orange

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Eight (8) 8AN Fittings in your choice of color and 8 AN Braided PTFE Hose.

Nylon braided and PTFE Lined Hose, your choice of AN8 Fittings - A Very Cool Look, Same Great Quality PTFE Hose and Hot Rod Fuel Hose fittings. 

Save Big on Hot Rod fuel hose bundle deals that include your choice of color and length of hose 20, 30, or 40 Feet and 8 PTFE hose end fittings. 

Multiple color options on this 8AN hose and fittings bundle allows you to really customize the look of your cars automotive plumbing. 

Use Hot Rod fuel hose PTFE lined hose and fittings in 8 AN size for

  • Higher horsepower EFI Conversions
  • Boosted or higher horsepower LSx Engine Swaps 
  • Upgrading existing lines
  • Higher flow Transmission oil cooler lines
  • Engine Oil cooler lines and catch can connections

AN PTFE lined hose has excellent chemical resistance this provides compatibility with many different automotive fluids including Diesel, Gasoline, E85, Ethanol, Transmission fluid, Power steering fluid, and is vacuum compatible. 

Default fitting selection

The default fitting selection for our bundle offers is 4 straight, 2 45 degree, and 2 90 degree fittings. Please provide in the checkout notes if you would like to change from the default selection once you place your order. 

Other benefits

Our PTFE hose meets SAE 100R14 Specifications, Hot Rod fuel hose fittings are constructed from 6061 Aluminum alloy and are anodized in sharp colors with a wide variety of colors to choose from.

The Hot Rod fuel hose logo is engraved into the fittings so you can be sure you have an official product.

    • Included Components
    • Specifications
    • Other Items Needed
    • PTFE Hose in your choice of Length and Color - Make sure to get enough to finish the complete project (most installs that require a return line will need 30ft. If also doing transmission lines choose the 40ft kit)

    • 8 PTFE hose end fittings - 4 Straight, 2 - 45 degree, and 2 - 90 degree

    • PTFE Hose Liner - compatible with Gasoline, E85, Transmission Fluid, Oil, Lubricants and more

    • Stainless Outer Braid with optional nylon braided cover - multiple colors to choose from

    • AN6 Hose Size - 0.320 ID, 0.435" Stainless  0.478 OD with nylon cover

      AN8 Hose Size - 0.420 ID, 0.510" Stainless 0.550 OD with nylon cover

      AN10 Hose Size - 0.505 ID, 0.610" Stainless 0.650 OD with nylon cover

    • AN 6 - 2500 PSI Working Pressure

      AN 8 - 2000 PSI Working Pressure

      AN 10 - 1500 PSI Working Pressure

    • Minimum bend radius 

      AN6 - 2.5"

      AN8 - 3.5"

      AN10 - 4.5"

    • Operating Temperature -60.0 degrees F to 400.0 degrees F

    • 40 feet length hoses comes in two 20 feet length hoses

    • Fuel pump applicable to your installation See our PUMPS HERE

    • Adapter fittings to connect to your chosen sending unit or inline fuel pump. Adapter Fittings HERE

    • Vice Jaws, Aluminum wrench, Cutting tools - Install Tools HERE

    • Fuel filter - pre pump filter (if needed) 100 micron, post pump filter (40 micron for carb, 10 micron or better for EFI) Filters HERE

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    Tools to make the install easy