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Aluminum AN vice jaws - Black

These black anodized aluminum vice jaws work well for installing AN fittings onto Hot Rod fuel hose line.

They are magnetized on the back to hold them in the vice. 

These vice jaws will help to prevent marring aluminum AN fittings during install. They are ideal to help install Hot Rod fuel hose AN fitting nuts onto the hose by holding them in place while installing the hose. 

Customer Reviews

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Steven Bailey
Accurate and fast

Hey do you want to dress up your car or trucks piping braided hose AN or PTFE they have everything you need check them out! Not only fuel but for all liquids oils brake power steering this is the shop that has what you need.

Vice jaw review

I was glad I bought the vice jaws, without them assembly of the AN fittings on my hose would have been much more challenging. They did not marr the finish on the fittings and worked great.... almost. The magnets that hold them to the vice need to be stronger, I must have picked them up off the floor at least 20 times. I wouldn't try assembling hoses without them though!

Dennis Sletten
Aluminum vise.

11 Brothers Motorsports are very please with our Aluminum clamps that hold the hose making it easier to install the HoT Rod Fuel Hose into the Fittings.
Thank you Hot Rod Fuel Hose For supporting us and keeping us on the podium.
Dennis Sletten.
11 Brothers Motorsports.

Jeff Cross

Worked perfectly

Matthew Sanford
Shifting in vice

I found it difficult to keep the jaws secured to my vice. The magnets wouldn't hold, which prevented me from getting a good clamp on the fitting. The fix was to find a slightly smaller object to place in the back for an even clamp. Otherwise, the work great.