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Hot Rod fuel hose Frequently asked questions. FAQ

Here are some of the most asked questions when it comes to Hot Rod fuel hose. 

Q. What is PTFE hose?

A. PTFE is a specific chemical composition commonly referred to as Teflon. We chose to only offer PTFE lined AN braided hoses due to better chemical resistance with common automotive fluids and specifically the higher ethanol content gasoline that is offered today. 

Q. How fast do I get my stuff?

A. We ship Monday to Friday and always in order to hit the next closest shipping cut off time. Typically an order will arrive to the US in 2-4 Business days, Canada in 1-6 Business days depending on location. 

Q. What is PTFE hose usually used for? 

A. Fuel lines and Transmission cooler lines are the two most common applications for our PTFE lined AN braided hose and AN fittings. Many guys use it for LS swaps, EFI installations, and good old reliable carbs. Typically fitting adapters are needed to convert to an AN style fitting. If you are not sure please reach out and we would be happy to help. 

Q. Why are your prices so good?

A. We made a significant investment into product quantity in order to offer the best pricing on AN braided hose and AN fittings. As this is our only product line right now we had to go big or go home as they say. 

Q. Do you sell in any retail stores?

A. No, we made a decision to sell online only in order to remove the middle man from the equation and offer our customers the best value on their new AN hose and Fittings. 

Q. What are the fittings made from?

A. Our PTFE hose end fittings are made from 6061 Aluminum alloy and anodized to give it a sharp look. We also engrave our logo to really make them pop.  

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