About Hot Rod fuel hose PTFE hose and PTFE fittings for performance

Hot Rod fuel hose grew from the pain of finding affordable and good quality fuel line while building multiple project vehicles over the years particularly a stubborn 1980 Chevy C10.

C10 Gold and black pickup truck

We wanted to install a fuel injection system from FiTech and in order to do so we needed to add an electric in tank pump and lines to go with it.

Fitech with Hot Rod fuel hose fittings and AN hose

Sure we could have used rubber but this is a Hot Rod baby. After searching the internet I just couldn't believe the pricing on PTFE type hoses. So Hot Rod fuel hose was born, we sourced some suppliers, negotiated like crazy and bought a ton of hose and fittings. Here we are today!

Black AN hose and AN fittings

We realize we are an unknown entity in the world of high performance hoses and fittings so we offer a rock solid guarantee on our products. Not happy - send it back. Simple.

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Be sure to read our installation instructions to eliminate a lot of headaches. 

We have a limited selection of product in order to keep costs down and offer you the best pricing on PTFE fuel hose and the associated AN style fitting. We don't have a catalog but our whopping ten item selection is available on our website. Feel free to Contact us if you have any questions or to make a large order (100ft +)