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Why did Hot Rod fuel hose begin?

Hot Rod fuel hose grew from the pain of finding affordable and good quality fuel line while building multiple project vehicles over the years particularly a stubborn 1980 Chevy C10 truck.

C10 Gold and black pickup truck

Wanting to install an updated fuel injection system from FiTech we decided to hit the internet to find some AN hoses, pumps, and AN fittings.

We started searching the internet for different opinions and options on what would be best to get EFI setup on this C10 truck. There was one consistent message that we kept coming up against. Rubber lined hose was breaking down due to all of the ethanol that is now added to gasoline and with that the recommendation to seek out PTFE lined AN hoses. 

Fitech with Hot Rod fuel hose fittings and AN hose

Sure we could have used rubber but this is a Hot Rod baby. After searching the internet we just couldn't believe the crazy high pricing on PTFE lined AN type hoses.

We visited all of the normal performance parts outlets to start piecing together the fuel system. The eye opener was during a visit to the local speed shop and a quoted price of over $1000 for the complete setup. With all the rust on the C10 the truck wasn't even worth $1000.00. 

There had to be a better way to provide quality Fittings and Hose and our belief in this lead us to start Hot Rod fuel hose.

Providing Quality for PTFE hoses and fittings.

The search was on to find a manufacturing partner who could provide us with products that we would be comfortable running on our own vehicles. It took many months of gathering samples, testing products, and negotiating with manufacturers to get the value we wanted at the high quality we knew customers would expect. 

Black AN hose and AN fittings

Building confidence in our PTFE hose and Fittings

Hot Rod fuel hose has been operating since 2017 and is located in Lethbridge AB Canada. Since we have started this company thousands of customers have trusted us to provide automotive plumbing for their rides and for this we thank our past and future customers. 

A solid guarantee on PTFE AN hose and fittings.

Hot Rod fuel hose proudly offers a limited lifetime warranty on all hose and fittings that we manufacture. In addition to this warranty if for any reason you are not satisfied with our products simply return them to us and we will provide you with a full refund. 

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Some important information on Hot Rod fuel hose Hoses, Fittings, and other products.

Be sure to read our installation instructions and follow the installation procedure as outlined. The recommended tools allow for a much easier install process. We recommend professional installation. 

Our Warranty Information can be found at this link.


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Wholesale information and Sponsorship

Hot Rod fuel hose offers wholesale pricing to authorized retailers and installers. The program is available to licensed and properly insured businesses only with proof of the above. Wholesale pricing is only available on Hot Rod fuel hose branded products (hoses and fittings) and minimum advertised pricing agreements apply. Please CONTACT US for more information.

Hot Rod fuel hose is happy to offer limited sponsor ship to individuals and organizations that help us to meet our goal of delivering quality hose and fittings at an affordable price. Please CONTACT US with your proposal. Please be sure to include all social media accounts, planned events for the upcoming year, and an introduction on why you believe that you are the right partner for Hot Rod fuel hose. 


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