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Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pressure Regulator

The Aeromotive A1000 Gen 2 fuel pressure regulator is available in 3 port sizes 

ORB 6 - 13138, ORB 8 - 13139, and ORB 10 - 13140

Fuel Pressure regulator return port is ORB 6 on all three sizes. Feed ports as selected.

The Aeromotive A1000 is the classic fuel pressure regulator for high performance installations. Compatible with Gas, Methanol, Diesel, and Ethanol it lives up to expectations for your fuel system install.

High Performance, adjustable EFI regulator designed for medium to high horsepower applications. This regulators features Aeromotive’s high-flow design, superb pressure control and legendary durability.

  • Engineered for A1000 class and smaller pumps.
  • Gas, ethanol, methanol and diesel compatible.
  • 40-75 PSI adjustable base pressure range.
  • 1:1 vacuum/boost reference capability.
  • 1/8″ NPT dedicated gauge port.
  • (2) ORB inlet/outlet ports
  • (1) ORB return port.

Customer Reviews

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Robert E

First off to anyone questioning in themselves on should they go with hot rod fuel hose for your build, let me try to help your decision. My first purchase from them went great. As in nice parts, fast shipping an over all great experience. So when the time came a few weeks later to get the rest of my fuel system done they came through perfect in every order. I even changed my mind on a part and they sent me a return shipping label within minutes of asking about said return. The parts are great quality and these guys are great to do business with...