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AN6 Stainless Hose - 10 Feet and 4 -6 AN Fittings Bundle Deal
AN6 Stainless Hose - 10 Feet and 4 -6 AN Fittings Bundle Deal
AN6 Stainless Hose - 10 Feet and 4 -6 AN Fittings Bundle Deal

AN6 Stainless Hose - 10 Feet and 4 -6 AN Fittings Bundle Deal

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10 Feet of Stainless braided PTFE Hose, Choose your color of fittings. 

Stainless braided and PTFE lined hose in AN6 size 10 Feet with your choice of fittings color (4). 

Save Big on Hot Rod fuel hose bundle deals, maybe you don't need a bunch of hose but still want a great deal. This bundle is for you. 

Our 10 Ft hose bundles work great if you are running braided hose from a factory hard line within the engine bay, or possibly running only a feed from a frame mounted regulator during an LS swap for example.  

Our PTFE hose has great chemical resistance and is compatible with Diesel, Gasoline, E85, Ethanol, Transmission fluid, Power steering fluid, and vacuum. 

Our PTFE hose meets SAE 100R14 Specifications, our fittings are constructed from 6061 Aluminum alloy and are anodized in sharp colors. The Hot Rod fuel hose logo is engraved into the fittings so you can be sure you have an official product. 

The default fitting selection for our bundle offers is 1 straight, 1 45 degree, 1 90 degree, and 1 180 degree fittings. Please message us if you would like to change from the default selection once you place your order. 

Shipping - All orders over $35 are shipped for free - DHL express for all USA orders, Canada Post Expedited for all Canada orders. 

Returns- As per Hot Rod fuel hose customer satisfaction promise if you are not happy with our product return it for a full refund.

Why Hot Rod fuel hose?

PTFE hose and PTFE Hose end fittings is all we know - Most companies have thousands of items we only carry a limited selection so we can be experts in what we sell. 

Service - We want your experience to be top notch, if you have any questions please reach out and we will be happy to help. 

Value - Our Quality that we provide at this price point can't be beat, these bundles are especially attractive and ensure you get everything that you need for your vehicles plumbing project. 

Our AN6 hose has a working pressure of 2500PSI and is compatible with the following fluids.

    1. Automatic transmission fluid
    2. Bio-Fuel
    3. Brake fluid
    4. Diesel
    5. E85
    6. Engine coolant
    7. Engine oil
    8. Ethanol
    9. Gasoline
    10. Methanol
    11. Power steering
    12. Vacuum