Hot Rod fuel hose wants to provide you with a great quality product at an affordable price.

1- A great guarantee, if you are not happy for any reason send the product back for a full refund. 

2- Free Shipping on orders over $99

3- AN PTFE Lined hose which means no issues with gasoline vapor smell in the garage and hose compatibility with the majority of automotive fluids

4- Product Quality - We stand behind our products with a Lifetime warranty on all PTFE hose and PTFE hose end fittings

5- Product Choice, we look for unique products to offer within the AN hose offering including unique colors

6- We offer pre designed kits that take the guess work out of your engine swap or EFI conversion.

  • Perfect for LS Swaps and EFI Conversions

    Our in depth fuel system how to guides will help you to get the right parts for your LS swap or EFI conversion. These how to guides will help you to pick the right AN PTFE hose and AN fitting kit for your fuel system build.

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  • Hot Rod fuel hose squarebody truck engine and front end for fuel system

    How Hot Rod fuel hose started

    Building this truck caused us to realize that there can be a better option for AN braided hose.

    This C10 was in rough shape when we started and it continues to be a project that takes more time and money then it probably should. From this came Hot Rod Fuel Hose. As I started building this truck we converted to an EFI system and started pricing out fuel line, specifically looking for AN PTFE braided hose for the EFI Install. It was very expensive, and I thought there has to be a better way. We sought out manufacturers, ordered samples, tested the product and took a big leap of faith that other guys were looking for great value and good quality for their hose needs as well. Here we are today.

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    As well as producing our own line of hose and fittings we also carry products from some of the most recognizable names in the industry.

    Hot Rod fuel hose is a factory direct dealer for Aeromotive fuel systems, Tanks inc, and more which allows us to get the parts you want fast while offering pricing that is competitive with the big guys.

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