PTFE lined stainless braided hose - AN6, AN8, AN10
AN6 PTFE fuel hose chemical resistant
AN6 PTFE liner stainless braided hose

PTFE lined stainless braided hose - AN6, AN8, AN10

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PTFE lined and stainless braided hose

Hot Rod fuel hose AN PTFE lined hose is lighter weight and has superior chemical resistance compared to standard rubber lined AN hoses. Vapor escaping from the hose is eliminated and prevents fuel odors in the garage that could occur with a rubber lined AN hose.

This hose is commonly used for fuel lines. 

Other examples of use for this hose would be transmission cooler lines, vacuum lines, brake lines and many other applications with compatible fluids.


Our is compatible with the following fluids.

    1. Automatic transmission fluid
    2. Bio-Fuel
    3. Brake fluid
    4. Diesel
    5. E85
    6. Engine coolant
    7. Engine oil
    8. Ethanol
    9. Gasoline
    10. Methanol
    11. Power steering
    12. Vacuum

    You must use PTFE hose ends, be sure to use only Hot Rod fuel hose fittings to ensure a leak free seal.

    Hose Size  Diameter (inside) / (outside) inches Working Pressure Burst Pressure Min Bend Radius
    AN6  0.320 / 0.435 2500 PSI 10000 PSI 2.5"
    AN8 0.420 / 0.510 2000 PSI 8000 PSI 3.5"
    AN10 0.500 / 0.610 1500 PSI 5000 PSI 4.5"


     Operating Temperature

    -60.0 degrees F to 400.0 degrees F