Why should you buy your new PTFE Stainless or Nylon braided fuel hose from Hot Rod fuel hose. | Hot Rod fuel hose by One Guy Garage

Why should you buy your new PTFE Stainless or Nylon braided fuel hose from Hot Rod fuel hose.

Why should you buy your new AN braided stainless or Nylon hose and AN fittings from Hot Rod fuel hose?

That is a great question, here is a list of why we are the BEST choice for your automotive AN hose & AN fittings. 

  1. AN PTFE hose and AN Fittings is all we know, most companies sell every available automotive part under the sun or focus on other hose products for things like hydraulics. By being experts in this style of AN PTFE hose we can help you get the best product. 
  2. Our Service - When you reach out to Hot Rod fuel hose you will talk to a real person who want's to make sure you get the best service possible. Whether you have questions about our PTFE hose and AN fittings or if you have questions about how to install your LS engine swap, fitech or sniper install, maybe you just want to say hi we are here to help. 
  3. Product Quality - Our hose meets SAE 100R14 standards - which means great chemical resistance and compatibility with most automotive fluids. Our AN fittings are constructed to be durable and look great on your Hot Rod or Street Rod build. 
  4. PRICE- We are a direct to customer company and this allows us to cut out the middle man and pass the savings on to you. Check out our braided AN braided hose bundles you will find in many cases you can buy AN fittings and AN braided hose for the same price you will pay for just PTFE hose at other places. 
  5. Product choice - We wanted to come to market with PTFE hose products you couldn't get anywhere else so we are constantly looking for innovation within the AN hose and fittings space - Currently we offer some unique colors that are hard to find elsewhere. 
  6. Always FREE delivery on orders over $75 on AN braided PTFE hose and Fittings. USPS Priority shipping for orders in the US and Canada Post expedited or Purolator for Canadian orders.
  7. Our PTFE hose guarantee. We want to keep our business relationship with you simple. If you are not happy with our product reach out and we will make it right!

Finally I would like to say thanks to our customers who have purchased great quality PTFE and AN fittings from us so far. Thanks for the support and we look forward to taking this business forward together. 


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Do you have oil lines nylon red for oil coolers and catch cans ? I All ready got from you some fuel lines but i need the oil lines to

Jael arroyo

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