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PTFE SAE 100R14 TYBE B Conductive Hose - Is It Needed?

Do I need conductive hose on my build?

This question occasionally comes up when guys are researching PTFE AN braided hose for their own car builds. Here is some information on what conductive PTFE hose is and if you need to step up to conductive hose on your build. 

What is Conductive PTFE hose?

Conductive PTFE hose is hose that utilizes an PTFE liner that is also covered with a carbon coating in order to discharge static electricity. This carbon coating significantly increases the pricing of the hose. This hose follows standard SAE 100R14 Type B and appears black in color when you look at the liner. Typical SAE100R14 Type A hose appears white when looking at the liner. Type A is what is sold by Hot Rod fuel hose. 

How does Conductive PTFE hose work. 

As fluids flow through the hose at a high velocity friction caused by the moving fluid generates static electricity, if enough static electricity builds up within the liner there can be a discharge to the stainless outer liner of the PTFE hose. When this happens the electrical discharge can create a pin hole leak in the PTFE liner. The carbon conductive coated liner discharges this electrical buildup and prevents static shocks. 

Do I need Conductive PTFE hose?

Generally in most automotive applications Type A hose like what Hot Rod fuel hose sells works perfectly. If you are running gasoline in a very high flow system with a smaller sized hose you may be at risk and need to step up to conductive hose. The higher flow rate in a smaller hose size creates increased velocity of the fluid and therefore production of higher static build up. A properly sized system will prevent issues when using type A hose. If you are not sure please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions around conductive hose and if it is needed for your application. 

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I read fuel 101. I’m building a return style fuel system on a f150 to run e85. Gonna run -8 feed and return. Am I safe to use this hose? Thanks!

Daryl abdulovic

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