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Installation Tips & Review from a customer

Some of you may know that we have listings on Amazon and one of our awesome customers who purchased our PTFE lined and black braided hose bundles from there left a nice review as well as some great tips for installation. We reached out and asked if we could share that info here for everyone else. 

Thanks Ian for the support. 

TL:DR great quality, fast shipping, excellent value.

A little background first: I wanted to switch out my rubber AN lines for PTFE. The rubber line does break down and I also experienced the fuel smell that comes with rubber breaking down.
From research, PTFE line will cure this.
The product: I ordered Sunday night, received Wednesday. Fast shipping. I wanted a few extras for plumbing that I ordered from Hot Rods website. Owner bundled both orders, no problem. Very responsive. I ordered 30ft. It comes with 8 fittings. This is where the great value comes in and owner hooked me up after a simple message. Easy.

Install tips. Wrap hose with tape prior to cutting, slide fitting on prior to trimming nylon wrap. Take off about 1/4” of the nylon wrap (more? not so good). Easiest method was newer scissors at a right angle to hose and just keep nipping up to the steel braid. Hot rod hose website had good directions. One other tip is to insure when ferrule is slid over the hose, the hose is concentric before sliding on the connector (see pic). Lastly, my best connection was used with regular box end wrenches, one chucked in a vice. My aluminum AN6 wrench was just not up to the torque needed to crank down connector. Very pleased with the whole deal.

Full disclosure: The first pic was how much I removed for first fitting. It was just a little too much nylon removed. If you want to see the result, zoom in to lower line of trans. Won’t affect performance, just cosmetic that no one sees. Next photo was using the procedure I outlined, perfect.

ferrule installed on AN PTFE hoseferrule installed on end of ptfe AN hoseAN fitting installed on AN ptfe hose wrenchAN fitting on PTFE hose end straightPTFE hose and AN fitting on transmission cooler line

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I’m installing a LS in my 1939 truck. I need to know about fuel and wiring

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