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EFI swaps and PTFE hose, Holley Sniper & FiTech

What you need for a successful EFI conversion - FiTech & Sniper.

With EFI conversions becoming ever more popular, a common question comes up around what you need to install them from a fuel delivery standpoint. 

The article focuses on applications up to around 600 HP, for other EFI installations like the FiTech 1200, Holley HP EFI, or Custom high performance mega squirt installs be sure to read our other articles on fuel hose size selection that can be found HERE.

With these installations you will be using AN6 hose and fittings commonly found in our bundles that come with a choice of hose length and fittings. You will need to measure out your fuel line length taking into consideration any bends or routing issues specific to your vehicle, engine mounting location and so on. 

What do I need for a fuel pump to feed my EFI system?

EFI setups operate at a higher fuel pressure compared to a carbureted install, this has impacts on the type of fuel pump you will be using. You can use either an in tank or in line fuel pump. Typically an in tank pump has a longer life due to the cooling effect of being submerged in liquid fuel. If you recall from our other article that talks about line size we can use math to figure out what flow rate is needed from our fuel pump. 

LPH = (HP X BSFC) / 1.585



(600HP X 0.5) / 1.585

Answer 189.27 LPH

Using a boosted setup on a system with a FiTech 600 Power adder for example would change this equation slightly. 

Based on this math what pump should I choose?

Well the most commonly suggested pump is the WALBRO 255L, GSL392 is your inline fuel pump part number. GCA758 is your most common in tank part number. Obviously with in tank pumps you need to check for compatibility with your sending unit. 

If choosing this Walbro inline pump you must also purchase two M10x1 to AN6 adapter fittings to link up the pump with our PTFE braided fuel hose. 

What else do I need to install my new EFI system?

Once you have selected the length of PTFE braided hose and fuel pump needed for your performance application you will need to make a few decisions around fuel delivery starting at your fuel cell or tank. In this instance we are using AN 6 sized fittings and you will need to adapt to this size to get started. 

Fuel Cells typically have AN bulk head fittings and will vary in size depending on the manufacturer. In this case you need AN to AN6 adapter fittings commonly available. 

Fuel tank sending units utilize more varied ways that you will need to adapt to. At times you may need to use tube to AN adapters if your sending unit was setup for rubber lines and hose clamps. Newer sending units have utilized a variety of different fittings. If you are unsure what you need to adapt to our line be sure to reach out and we can help you get what you need. 

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Have a pump mounted tank, need price on supply and return hoses, efi regulator of course fittings. Looking at stainless steel hoses with black fittings. Thanks Chuck

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