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Ultimate fuel system guide for 73-87 C10 & K10 Squarebody trucks - LS Swaps and EFI conversions

LS or EFI swapping your C10 / K10 73 - 87 squarebody truck. This guide is for you. 

Tons of guys find our website when researching info on how to do new fuel lines for their squarebody 73 - 87 Chevy and GM trucks. We get asked enough times what else guys need in addition to our PTFE hose kits in order to complete the swap we decided it best to make a write up for everyone. 

In this fuel system write up for the squarbody pickup you will find links to what we have found to be the best parts to use in an LS swap or EFI conversion, some installation photos, instructions, and guidance on how to make the fuel system install go as smoothly as possible. 

There are many different ways to do a fuel system on any vehicle, these recommended parts and instructions are what we believe to be the best way to ensure an effective, affordable, and long lasting install. 

We will give you the parts list first so if that's all you came for you can get in and get out quickly. Note some of these items we don't sell directly so we have linked to the source in which we have found the best price in combination of shipping and product.  

Parts List(s)

Parts needed for all installations 

Fuel Tank(s)

Aftermarket Tank option

Tanks Inc. Squarebody EFI ready tanks (choose GPA 4 pump for 255LPh LS / EFI ready pump)

OEM 1987+ tank option

Long Bed truck Spectra premium GM1C - HERE

Short Bed truck Spectra premium GM11C- HERE

Fuel Sending Unit(s) - Select which side the fuel filler door is located


Spectra Premium FG05M and FG05N sending units - HERE


Conversion fittings to attach PTFE AN fuel lines to the sending unit(s)

1 of each needed per sending unit. 

5/16 Hardline tube to AN6 Adapter fitting - HERE

3/8 Hardline tube to AN6 Adapter fitting - HERE

Fuel Pump(s)

The following fuel pumps are compatible with the Spectra sending units. 

Factory power level up to 450HP

Spectra premium 190LPh Fuel Pump - HERE

Great for factory LS engines to slightly modified and stock engines with EFI conversions. 

Walbro 255LPH In Tank fuel pump - HERE 

Modified Engines to about 700HP boosted and 900HP naturally aspirated. (many factors come into play on these ratings so be sure to contact us if you are unsure)

Aeromotive 340LPH stealth In Tank fuel pump - HERE

Return - Style LS Engine swaps

We have created a universal LS engine swap kit for return style engines that includes all necessary fittings from the sending unit to the fuel rail. It is assumed you have followed the rest of this swap guide for your C10 or K10 square body truck and are using an in tank pump. Please contact us if you plan on using an inline pump as some other factors need to be considered. 

Return Style LS swap kits can be found - HERE

You will need approximately 25-27ft of PTFE hose in order to run both the feed and return on the fuel system. The 30Ft kit is the most common choice for square body LS swaps. 

You will also require a 10 Micron in Line fuel filter. We have three options.

The most popular option is the factory style filter with AN adapters, This unit filters at 5 micron and replacements are available at most auto parts stores. 

Factory style filter with AN 6 Adapters - HERE


Holley 10 Micron inline fuel filter with replaceable element - HERE

Two (2) X ORB-8 to AN6 Adapter fittings for fuel filter - HERE


Aeromotive 10 Micron inline fuel filter with replaceable element - HERE

Two (2) X ORB-10 to AN6 Adapter fittings for fuel filter - HERE

 Return - Less style LS Swap Kit

These returnless style ls swap kits include all fittings needed to install the returnless ls engine into a 73-87 c10 / k10 squarebody pickup. They include the corvette style filter / regulator as well as the adapter fittings to get it hooked up. Most guys mount this regulator fairly close to the tank and allows them to utilize the 20FT Kit. 

Return-Less style LS swap kit - HERE

No additional filter is needed with this kit. 

EFI Conversion - Including Holley Sniper & FiTech EFI systems

The nice thing about the EFI conversion systems is the majority include fittings that are compatible with AN standards. As such one of our regular hose bundles and a 10 micron filter is all you need to get hooked up in addition to the tank, pump, and sending units listed above. 

As these systems have the regulator installed in the unit you will require approximately 24-26ft of line. Our 30FT kits are the perfect option for an EFI conversion in your square body C10 or K10 pickup truck. 

Nylon Braided AN PTFE hose bundles - HERE

Stainless Braided AN PTFE hose bundles - HERE

Colored Nylon Braided AN PTFE hose bundles - HERE 

We have three options for fuel filters.

Factory style 4 Micron inline fuel filter with AN6 Adapter fittings - HERE


Holley 10 Micron inline fuel filter with replaceable element - HERE

Two (2) X ORB-8 to AN6 Adapter fittings for fuel filter - HERE


Aeromotive 10 Micron inline fuel filter with replaceable element - HERE

Two (2) X ORB-10 to AN6 Adapter fittings for fuel filter - HERE

Other Parts needed

In order to easily install the new line and fittings into your chev or GM C10 / K10 pickup we carry some tools that make the process easier and prevent marring your new fittings. 

Hose cutting shears for cutting AN PTFE hose - HERE

Aluminum anodized vice jaws for AN PTFE fittings - HERE

Aluminum AN wrench set for AN PTFE fittings - HERE

Now the fun stuff installing the kit's into your 73-87 square body chevy C10 / K10 truck. 

When you have the correct parts installation of your new LS engine or EFI system will be smoother than you ever expected. 

Hose fitting installation instructions can be found HERE, follow these instructions for the installation of the hose end fittings onto the PTFE hose. 

Fuel pump & Sending unit installation.

The fuel pumps we linked to earlier in this article are direct fit into the sending units. The complete install of the fuel pump, sending unit and hard line to AN adapters will allow you to hook up the PTFE hose kit that you choose for your relevant install. You will need to cut off the bubble flare on the end of the tubes in order to install the hardline to AN adapter fittings. Do not cut the center vent port unless you intend to also install a hardline to AN adapter for the vent. 

C10 square fuel tank sending unit with AN lines

Return-less style regulator install

If your squarebody LS engine swap will be utilizing a return-less fuel rail you will require a regulator. If using a factory or only slightly modified LS engine the most common regulator to use is what is referred to as a corvette style regulator. This regulator also features a 4 micron fuel filter and regulates the pressure to the 58 PSI needed for a return-less LS fuel system. 

Hot Rod fuel hose corvette style filter/regulator


One common mistake with the install of this regulator is mixing up the feed and return lines from the tank. As shown in the diagram the 5/16" center port is the return while the 3/8" port on the perimeter or outside edge of the corvette style regulator is the Feed. The feed is generally marked by an arrow or a Flow marking. The feed from the regulator to the LS engine is the single center port that uses a push in fitting in 3/8" size. You will require adapter fittings to convert this corvette style regulator to AN fittings and AN ptfe fuel hose. Our return-less LS swap kits include all of the necessary fittings to hook up your PTFE AN line to your regulator/filter. 

Running Dual Fuel Tanks

If you're working with a vehicle that has a dual tank setup and you're planning an LS engine swap, there are a few additional considerations to keep in mind: 

First up is the sending units;

Spectra part number FG05M found here is the driver side, FG05N found here  is the passenger side.

For these senders to hook to the fuel lines you need to cut off the bubble flare end on the 3/8 and the 5/16 hose barb ends.


You will then use the hard line tube adapter to AN6 fittings - 3/8 and 5/16 to AN found here. These use a one-time-use ferrule to seal and will fit over the tube once the bubble flare is removed.


When using an inline fuel pump, it should be installed close to the tank. This style of pumps pushes fuel not pull. 


From here it will be hose assemblies. All the hose end fittings are female so they will thread to the male AN adapters.


On most installs guys use 90 degree and 45 degree hose end fittings off the tank outlets but it will depend on how you are routing your hose. You want to get them inside the frame rail if possible so they are protected. When choosing the hose end to use you are trying to keep hose bends to a minimum. If you have routing issues, you can always contact our help desk for other specific needs. 

 From there you will run the hoses to your switching valve.

On the switching valve because they are plastic outlets you will need to pick up some short chunks of rubber EFI line and hose clamps for this part because you will use the hose barb to AN adapters to connect to the PTFE line - 3/8 and 5/16 hose barb adapters found here.


The smaller tubes on the switching valve are 5/16 and are for the return lines, the 3/8 larger ports are the feed lines to the engine.


Switching valve needs to be from an '87+ model that was set up for EFI (part number FV5).

The dash switch also needs to be able  to support 2 fuel pumps ( part number DS283).


After the switching valve we will be hooking to the corvette regulator filter - found here. Again the larger tube is the feed. You will use EFI quick connect fittings on the regulator/filter. 5/16” for return and 3/8 for feed found here. The push-in EFI quick connect adapter fittings to AN will go in the other end of the corvette regulator that will feed to the fuel rail. 

You won’t use any of the plastic clips for this unit.


If you are using the Hot Rod fuel hose brand for corvette filter/regulator found here you will not need adapter fittings as it already has built-in adapter fittings.

Finally you can run the feed line to the engine. You will use one more 3/8 quick connect adapter fittings to AN found here for the fuel rail.

 As for wiring up the pumps this will be handled through the dash switch. Make sure you have good wiring and a relay in place to deliver enough amps to the pumps.


For further questions, contact us at 866-797-0384 or email us at info@hotrodfuelhose.com.

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