Red PTFE line and Red Braided hose by Hot Rod fuel hose AN
Fittings on Red braided PTFE hose AN by Hot Rod fuel hose
Close up of Red blue fitting on Red PTFE hose by hot rod fuel hose
Close up of Black fitting on Red PTFE lined hose by hot rod fuel hose

RED Braided PTFE lined hose in AN6 Size

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Want your ride to have a unique look for it's plumbing then choose Hot Rod fuel hose's Red Braided hose in AN6 size.

The great quality PTFE lined hose you have come to know from us but in a color that really makes your ride unique. Be sure to use Hot Rod fuel hose fittings to ensure a leak free seal.

Our PTFE hose in AN6 size has a working pressure of 2500PSI and is compatible with most automotive fluids including.

  1. Automatic transmission fluid
  2. Bio-Fuel
  3. Brake fluid
  4. Diesel
  5. E85
  6. Engine coolant
  7. Engine oil
  8. Ethanol
  9. Gasoline
  10. Methanol
  11. Power steering
  12. Vacuum