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Our Story - In Depth

Why Hot Rod Fuel Hose exists. 

Our Story - How we came to be - Why we feel we will succeed. 

Well first off blogging really sucks, I don't like it I never liked English class and it was never my strong suit, I would much rather be in the shop working on a project as I am sure many of you would as well. 

High school was when I first inherited my dad's 1980 Chevy C10, boy did I ever have big plans for this thing. At 15 when I started working on this puppy I wanted it to have the best of everything and spent way too much money to try and make that happen. I also had no clue what the hell I was doing and a lack of confidence in how to make it happen. I took a lot of stuff apart including the engine, transmission, and the rest of the drive train. Spent too much money at the speed shop and then didn't know how to get the thing back together again.

It Sat and Sat and Sat, I got married, had a Son, and It followed me as I moved multiple times but never really got the time or the desire to get back onto this project until 2015 when I finally got serious again. My desires changed at this time and I thought it would be really impressive to rebuild this back to a stock look and still be a reliable driver. You can check out my build thread on 67-72chevytrucks.com The idea was to impress my dad with this truck that looks just like when he bought it.


1980 C10 by Hot Rod fuel hose

Ok, So you are REALLY slow at finishing projects but how the heck did Hot Rod fuel hose start?

I had been reading lot's on fuel injection over the years and considered installing a Mega Squirt at one time and converting some type of other injection system to my 383 stroker that I had built but was always turned off by how much work would have needed to go into learning how the mega squirt and fuel injection system worked. The year I started back seriously on finishing this project a company called FiTech released an affordable fuel injection system and it had great reviews and was gaining a following of automotive enthusiasts. So I gave it a shot and ordered one up.

Ok you have a FiTech - Now you need some fuel line. 

I went down to the local speed shop and was seeking out ways to install my fuel system - What do you know they want almost as much cash for the rubber stainless steel braided line as I paid for my EFI FiTech system. What the heck that is not right! I thought I could do better than that my gut told me so. 

What does a guy who has a gut feeling on fuel line do?

I reached out to a ton of manufacturers and ordered samples, tested the product, and negotiated like crazy. Once I had a product I believed in at a price I felt is better suited to people like me we ordered some. A LOT of hose and A LOT of fittings - probably too much but we believed so strongly that there is an opportunity for a High Quality PTFE braided hose in the market with awesome looking AN fittings that we committed to taking the idea forward. 

Not Bad. What's next?

Well. we are still a new business selling PTFE hose for Hot Rods so we want to do a great job at getting our name out. Sales so far have been very strong and in fact above expectations. We have had to order new product already thanks to support from our Awesome customers and we look forward to becoming a premier supplier of Hot Rod fuel hose and AN Fittings and continuing to search out new opportunities for finding quality products at great prices so we can all continue to enjoy this hobby we have (and that our wives definitely don't like) and I hope you will all support us and let your friends and hot rodding buddies know we exist as that has definitely been the biggest challenge in this venture so far.

Thanks again for the support and we look forward to growing this thing together. 


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